Items That May Not be Listed on TedsList.com™

The following items are prohibited and restricted and the advertisement for sale of which is not permitted on or through TedsList.com™.  This list covers the majority of items not allowed on TedsList.com™, however, it is not intended to constitute a complete list.  Many laws, regulations and policies regulate the goods and services that may be bought and sold.  It is the responsibility of each user to research and abide by the laws and regulations of their individual jurisdiction.  We strongly encourage you to research and to become familiar with all laws and regulations that possibly apply to your specific transaction before you make any posting on TedsList.com™.

Partial list of items for sale and services the advertisement of which is not permitted on TedsList.com™:

Pornography/Nudity/Adult Only is Prohibited

  • Obscene material or child pornography
  • Unlawful/inapproriate material viewable to minors
  • Photos or videos that depict any type of sexual contact
  • Offer or solicitation of prostitution of any kind

Trademark/Copyright Infringement/Counterfeit Items are Prohibited

  • Counterfeit, replica or knock-off brand name goods
  • Stolen property or property with altered serial number or serial number removed 
  • Material that violates or infringes on copyright, trademark or other intellectual property 
  • Items issued to any United States Armed Forces that have not been properly disposed of in accordance with Department of Defense demilitarization policies
  • False identification cards, items with police insignia, birth certificates or citizenship documents
  • Counterfeit currency, coins, stamps, or tickets
  • Equipment or supplies designed to make counterfeit items

Hazardous Items/Illegal Substances/Weapons are Prohibited

  • Controlled substances or illegal drugs
  • Herbal spices/incense, etc.
  • Research/lab/experimental chemicals
  • Pesticides or other hazardous substances
  • Fireworks, and any destructive devices or explosives, including "safe fireworks"
  • Substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances and drug paraphernalia including but not limited to: bongs, pipes, etc.
  • Prescription drugs
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Non-prescription drugs that require FDA approval
  • Medical devices, including prescription or contact lenses, hypodermic needles, hearing aids or defibrillators
  • Items containing hazardous substances, including but not limited to:  contaminated toys, art or craft materials or contaminated items of any kind 
  • Used, rebuilt or refurbished batteries or batteries containing mercury
  • Weapons and other related items that may be restricted or illegal, including but not limited to firearms, martial arts weapons, knives, silencers, ammunition, ammunition magazines, stun guns or tear gas. Please refer to your state‚Äôs laws.

  • Examples of Items NOT Safe to Post:

    Martial Arts Weapons
    • Kung Fu Star - A disc-like object with sharpened points, (primarily) designed to be thrown
    • Switchblade Knife - Any knife that opens automatically when pressure is applied to a button, spring, or another device in the handle
    • Pilum Ballistic Knife - Knives that have blades that can be projected from the handle (a projectile) by hand pressure applied to a button, lever, etc., in the handle
    • Gravity Knife/Butterfly Knive (Balisongs) - Similar to a switchblade, except it is opened and becomes locked in place by gravity, or the use of centrifugal force (i.e., "flicking" it open)
    • Metal Knuckle Knife - When open, this device can function as a set of (aka "brass") knuckles as well as a knife
    • Cane Sword - A cane that has a blade concealed within it that can be used as a stilleto

Body Parts/Fluids or Specific Live Animals are Prohibited

  • Human blood, bodily fluids or body parts of any kind
  • Exotic, endangered, protected or illegal pets of any kind, including but not limited to:  dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, primates, reptiles or amphibians.  Animals used for fighting, gaming or sporting are prohibited.
  • Pet animal parts, blood, or fluids of any kind
  • In accordance with some state laws, animals younger than eight weeks cannot be sold

Gambling/Tickets/Alcohol are Prohibited

  • Alcohol or tobacco products of any kind
  • Airline tickets that restrict transfer
  • Tickets of any kind which you are not authorized to sell or that otherwise prohibit transfer from the original owner to another party
  • Coupons, gift cards or gift certificates that restrict transfer
  • Coupons or gift cards which you are not authorized to sell
  • Gambling items, including but not limited to lottery tickets, slot machines, raffle tickets, and sweepstakes entries 

Misc./Other Prohibited Items

  • Illegal telecommunications equipment, including but not limited to cable descramblers, access card programmers, or access cards
  • Illegal services.  Please refer to your state’s laws.
  • Recalled Items
  • Restricted or regulated plants, seeds and insects
  • Burglary or burglary-related tools, including but not limited to:  lock-picks, motor vehicle master keys or "slim jims"
  • Bulk email or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal identifying information
  • Used bedding and clothing, unless fully sanitized according to the law
  • Non-packaged food items or adulterated food
  • Carved or uncarved ivory, or items made from bones of animals that produce ivory
  • Any type of ad that would be considered to be a Personals ad
  • Including links or any other information in your ad that would connect TedsList.com™ users to what would be considered by TedsList.com™ as being a competitor site
  • Any ad deemed by TedsList.com™ as being unethical
  • Any material, graphic photographs or descriptions of violent acts, or any other material which may disturb sensitive viewers and children is absolutely prohibited
  • Any use of foreign, inappropriate, profane or sexual language

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